Red & white colour scheme

Red and white weddings remain a popular choice of colour scheme amongst brides. When we are approached by brides who would like to use red and white as a colour scheme, there are a few in-house rules we to apply to achieve a high standard. We have put together a modern version of red and white, that does not reflect the “valentine’s day” look of the 80’s. A few simple do’s and don’ts will ensure that your wedding colours look magnificent and reflect their true intensity.

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When choosing flower types, try to stick to simplistic types that make an impact even if used on their own. Decide which of the two colours you would like to feature more – red and white is a very strong contrast and should never be used in a 50:50 ratio. Use either more white or more red to create a elegant result. Keeping with one flower type (e.g. tulips as on the picture to the right above), and separating the colours into different vases results in a simplistic, yet elegant look.

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You can add interest to the to the table by adding one or two single flowers of a different size and shape, which should be placed singularly in vases amongst the main flower type. Using containers with different shapes or texture also creates an interesting effect. Don’t be afraid to combine patterns in the table linens, but gain advice from an experienced stylist to avoid a cluttered effect.

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To avoid a “hard” result,  add neutral colours such as grey or beige. Natural flax linen napkins and ribbon will give the table a more luxurious feel. Wood also pairs well with this high contrast colour scheme.

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The result of your tables can range from playful and informal, to elegantly formal,  depending on  container choices, linen  combinations, flower types and finishing details. Take some time to speak to a stylist and discuss the end result that you would like to achieve before starting, as each element will have a specific impact on the achieved look.

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